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Oo0The World Is A WonderlandOoO

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Welcome to madlikehatters, a community dedicated to "Alice in Wonderland" (stories, movies and whathaveyou)

If you're going to join there are only a few requests~

1) When you join, please post the following survey so we can get to know you (and determine if you're really mad or not)

2) Please do not judge people, if I see any instances of mistreatment of any members, you will be banned from the community and will have your head chopped off (yes, I have the means to do so...don't test me!)

3) Please post whatever you wish: poetry, reviews, quizzes, surveys, commentary about Alice or even Disney related stuff! I will delete posts that have no relevance to the community!

4) Please cut long enteries etc. for the benefit of all!

5) Enjoy yourselves...we're all mad here ;)

Alice in Wonderland is love.

From left to right:
Red - John Tenniel's original Alice in Wonderland woodcuts
Orange - The 1985 Television movie Alice in Wonderland
Yellow - The Hallmark movie Alice in Wonderland
Green - The Gwen Stefani "What You Waiting For?" Alice-inspired music video
Blue - Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Purple - American McGee's Alice video game

thank you tigereyey3k!